What Sets Us Apart


We were one of the first companies to require all of our inspectors to be uniformed and carry I.D. identifying themselves as field inspectors. This adds a more professional look to our inspectors which translates to more contacts on Door Knockers and chases and less hassles when doing loss drafts and interior inspections.

Background Checks

We are handling sensitive and private information. That’s why our new hires are now going through criminal background checks.


Paper inspections are becoming a thing of the past in our industry and we recognize this. That’s why, when we can, we use the new phone apps and pocket pc’s in the field. This cuts down mistakes and speeds turnaround times.


Because we have our coverage area so saturated we are able to keep our turnaround time to a minimum. It also makes taking on new clients easier. Whether you have a few hundred inspections needed, or a few thousand we can easily blend you in with our current inspections.


Again because of our volume we have less drive time between inspections which means we can charge less per inspection and still stay profitable.


Because we are a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services we have access to qualified inspectors all over the country. We also work closely with property preservation companies so that we can assist our clients with that side of the industry as well.