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Property Field Inspector

What is a Mortgage Field Inspector?

We provide property inspection services for bankers, mortgage lenders and insurance companies seeking information on their properties. As a field inspector, you will gather, verify and submit detailed information for our clients. It’s as simple as taking photos and answering a short list of survey questions which describe the subject property.

Work With J&K Field Services

As a successful business that performs inspections nationwide, we proudly introduce you to an industry where you can own your own company. Your new business can immediately begin receiving work orders as J&K will become your first client. We are proud to be able to work with our independent, hard-working subcontractors and would welcome you to join our team.

Why We Help?

You may be wondering why we are actively introducing individuals such as yourself to the field service industry and assisting you in starting your own company. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified property inspectors with whom we can work. That is the reason why we are helping individuals start their own companies and get their foot in the door of this little known industry.

Unlike many other industries, as a mortgage field service agent, you control every aspect of your business. As a subcontractor, you set your own schedule which allows you a level of freedom that many other industries do not.

Even though you have the freedom to run your business independently, J&K Field Services will provide the guidance necessary for you to be successful. Regardless of the topic or issue, we have the expertise to help you when you need assistance.

The Best Parts of Being a Mortgage Field Service Inspector

  • Major tax advantages as a subcontractor (check with your accountant for details)
  • An open and flexible schedule
  • The ability to work part time
  • Control over an entire territory
  • Uncapped earning potential
  • The possibility to have people work under your leadership

What You Need to Work As a Mortgage Field Service Inspector

  • A smart phone that is less than 3 years old
  • Reliable transportation capable of covering your territory
  • The ability to pass a thorough background check
  • A readily available printer and scanner
  • A computer capable of running all necessary programs and storing the data and photos from completed work orders

To find out more and determine whether you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, schedule an appointment today to speak with one of our vendor management professionals.

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Property Field Inspector

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